When I initially wrote my post about sexual assault and rape culture at BYU, I was really hesitant to share my post with the rest of the world. I’m generally not afraid to express my opinion, but this is a very sensitive topic and I hate people reading my writing. This was a late night post and I mainly wanted to get my thoughts down on paper, so it was not as well organized or edited as most of the rest of my writing. My blog has also become a journal of sorts and is rather personal. Still, I felt that this is not something that I could simply write and then just abandon for whoever happens to chance upon it. I took a brave leap of faith and shared the link to both Facebook and Twitter.

Despite my initial hesitation, I am now beyond grateful that I took the time to write this and share it with the world. The reception of my post have been overwhelmingly positive. Multiple friends have reached out to me to express their gratitude and one was even brave enough to open up to me about some things that have been happening to her. That’s really all I wanted. To raise awareness and to stop terrible things form happening to good people. If you ever wonder whether or not you should share something to the world, I invite you to ask yourself, is there even the remotest possibility that my words could help anyone, anyone at all? If the answer is yes, then go for it. If I had known how many people this would help, I would have written it years ago. If you are passionate about something, take the chance, seize the day, and write.


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