College = Work?

Everyone always told me about how busy I would be in college and how much work it was, which is surprising, because I feel like I have loads of free time. As soon as I finish my homework, there isn’t a whole lot to do. At home, there are always things that need to be done. There are bushes to trim and weeds to pull and goats to work with. If I really wanted to, I could probably find enough work at just my house to keep me busy for the next year. Here, there is only so much I can clean in my apartment once my homework’s done. I know my life will get busier later on, but I wonder if people no longer have the same concept of work.

Growing up, I mucked out stalls every Saturday before 4-H, and, after I returned, I was expected to help mow the lawn and finish my chores. There were things to be planted and pruned and painted. My parents could always find something for me to do. I knew that my other friends might not have had as many chores as me, but I didn’t imagine that their definition of hard work would be so much different than mine. Yes, college is hard, and yes it involves work, but compared to my life at home, this is nothing. If people really think that college is that much work, then I worry about the work ethic of this country. In the meantime though, I should probably stop complaining and go find something to keep me busy.


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